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Zimared® PLUS 500 g

For color extraction and stable tannin complexes.


Zimared® Plus Color Extraction, Stable Tannin Complexes

Zimared Plus, a dry powder preparation, is a pectic enzyme which enhances breakdown of grape skin cell walls and colors to be extracted from cell vacuoles. It also accelerates the extraction of tannic polyphenolic substances need to create stable complexes with anthocyanins. Zimared Plus is active at 10°-30° C, and tolerates normal SO2 levels. Zimared Plus use allows quicker maceration and reduces the need for hard pressing and excessive pumping over, resulting in a product with less leesy taste. It improves the yield of first pressing and makes wine clarification filtration easier. Zimared Plus has been successfully used in wines from thermal vinification, flash détente and micro-oxygenation.


Dissolve Zimared in 1 to 10 parts water. Add to grapes during pressing or when filling tanks. Mix thoroughly.


  • 1 to 4 g/hL must

Storage: Cool, dry cellar temperatures.

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