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X-Pro Protection 500g


Specific inactivated yeasts with stabilizing effect, to naturally protect the wine’s fragrance.

X-PRO® PROTECTION has a great reducing capacity, with a specific action against wine’s oxidations. Its use not only allows to prevent oxidations, providing high redox stability in treated wines, but also ensures a marked activity against the already oxidized components.

It has been also observed that X-PRO® PROTECTION has a partial effect on wine stabilization from a protein point of view and in general against colloidal precipitations. From a sensory level, X-PRO® PROTECTION is particularly discreet and elegant, it acts on the wine’s bouquet only in its preservation, generally improving the roundness on the palate. 

X-PRO® PROCESS: No chemical substances, no additives but the precise intention to benefit from the innate and well-known stabilizing capacities of the fundamental components of the micro-organisms of wines. This has been made possible thanks to a completely innovative lysis procedure that preserves all the natural characteristics. The X-PRO® Process is carried out in conditioned ambient, at a low temperature and without any exogenous enzymes. 

Optimal Temperature Range: 5-15C°

Technical Data Sheet – X-PRO® PROTECTION