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X-Pro Identity White 500g


Specific inactivated yeasts with stabilizing effect, to naturally maintain the white wines’ fragrance.

X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE contributes to the preservation over time of the original identity of the wine, because it protects the varietal notes setting up a conservative redox system. It has a marked activity against already oxidized components so it can be used also as correction, an alternative to some conventional clarifiers. It has been also observed that X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE has a discreet tartaric and protein stability effect while respecting wine’s original identity.

X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE acts on the wine’s bouquet only in its preservation, saving its original and varietal identity. Very discreet on the palate, brings elegance while integrating vegetal and bitter notes and dry tannins, balancing the overall mouthfeel and taste.

X-PRO® PROCESS: No chemical substances, no additives but the precise intention to benefit from the innate and well-known stabilizing capacities of the fundamental components of the micro-organisms of wines. This has been made possible thanks to a completely innovative lysis procedure that preserves all the natural characteristics. The X-PRO® Process is carried out in conditioned ambient, at a low temperature and without any exogenous enzymes.

Optimal Temperature Range: 5-15C°

Technical Data Sheet – X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE