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Primarily used to add structure and mouth feel to WHITE wine and RED wine. Formerly known as Vanilla Peach 20L


The tannins in  “ VANILLA PEACH “ are already polymerized. They add more softness rather than harshness from a typical tannin addition. This tannin contains an addition of pro-anthocyan from Grape skin and seeds with an extended maceration. It will increase the fruit flavor of the wine . Reduces sulfur component by oxydation of ethanethiol and the combination with Thiols-polyphenols.

Tannin content (expressed as gallic acid equivalent) ≈100 g/liter when added at the 1 L per 1000 L rate.

Suggested use levels:

1 Liter of Tannin for 1000 L of wine with Red wines ( 1 gal / 1000 Gal ) and 1 liter for 3000 L in white wine ( 1 gal. for 3000 Gal )

Bench trial are recommended for white wines. Over dosage could cause turbidity.