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Premium® Uva SG 500 g

Increased body, increase oxidation resistance, recommended for Botrytised grapes.


Premium® Uva SG Pressing and blending – Anti-oxidation, treatment of Botrytis affected grapes, increased mouth-feel, body and suppleness.

Derived from ripe grape skins, Premium UVA may be utilized from initial processing through to finishing providing protection from laccase in must and acting as an antioxidant throughout maturation. When used post pressing of red wines Premium Uva serves to stabilize anthocyanin while in white winemaking it contributes to protein stability reducing the amount of bentonite required. As finishing tannin Premium Uva contributes a complex bouquet and a smooth, rich, mouth filling palate.


Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in warm water and add directly to wine. Allow minimum of 10 days before filtration.


  • 10-30 g/hL red
  • 3-8 g/hL rosé