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Premium® Tostato SG 500 g

Soft tannin, full bodied, rich with vanilla and cocoa bouguet.


Premium® Tostato SG  Finishing tannin – soft, elegant and aromatic.

Extracted from Allier French oak and air dried, this tannin has refined, less aggressive characteristics similar to those released during extended aging in medium/high toasted barrels. Wines treated with Premium Tostato are more full-bodied and richer in aromas. Aroma profile: Dark chocolate, roasted coffee with subtle caramel, toffee and brown sugar notes.


For use in red and white wines, and other beverages. In winemaking this tannin is used during aging, especially where neutral oak barrels are used. Bench trials are highly recommended. Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in warm water and add directly to wine. Allow minimum of 10 days before filtration.


  • 1-15 g/hL red
  • 1-5 g/hL white
  • 10-40 g/hL vinegar
  • 5-40 g/hL distilled