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Pathfinder Turbo Yeast TY 48 10 KG


Pathfinder TY 48 is an active dried alcohol yeast combined with a complete nutrient complex and designed to ferment up to 14% ABV in 48 hours, or up to 20% ABV in 4 to 5 days. Pathfinder TY 48 is blended with complete marco and micro nutrition, and contains urea. 

Recommended usage rate: 

8.0kg/1000L for fermentation to 14% ABV within 24hrs
5.4kg/1000L for fermentation to 14% ABV within 48hrs
5.4kg/1000L for fermentation to 20% ABV within 4 days

Optimum liquid fermentation temperatures:

Fermentation to 14% ABV—liquid temperatures should be 30-32°C
Fermentation to 20% ABV—liquid temperatures should be 25-27°C

Product Spec Sheet

SDS Sheet