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Nutromix Tablets 2 Kg


Nutromix tablets contain a carefully balanced blend of nutrients and trace elements in an easy-to-dose tablet form, formulated to correct nutrient deficiencies in wort and aid fermentation.


  •      Improves rate of yeast growth.
  •      Prevents slow fermentations.
  •      Useful in low nitrogen worts.


Nutromix tablets should be added either to the kettle during boiling or to the hot wort prior to cooling. Nutromix tablets may be added to cold wort but will take much longer to dissolve.

Usage Rate

Approximately 10 to 20 tablets (50-100g) per 16 hL (0.75-1.5 tablets per US bbl)

Due to the unique nature of different yeast strains and the constraints of the production environment, requirements for Nutromix tablets can vary – it is advised that trials are carried out to determine the optimal usage rate.

Product Info Sheet

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