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MPL Liquid Mannoprotein 1 kg


MPL is particularly fit for being employed as a complexing agent of the colloidal component, improving the tactile feeling of palate roundness and softness. The raw materials of MPA have been selected for their olfactory cleanness, so that they do not negatively affect wine’s bouquet; rather they harmonize dissonant characteristics, like tannin peaks or roughness, while not covering wine’s tannin power. Sometimes, after a dosage of MPA on high alcoholic content wines, a pleasant reduction of perceived alcohol can be obtained. Optimal both in refinement and in pre-bottling phases.

MPL is micro-filterable: at the recommended dosages is can be added even slightly before bottling, as the filterability indexes do not significantly change. In any case a laboratory assessment is always recommendable before the final filtration.

Dose: From 1 to 5 g/hL in white wines; from 3 to 10 g/hL in reds.

Warning: 120 g/hL MPL give 40 g/hL mannoproteins (legal limit), and about 1 mg/L sulphurous anhydride and 2 mg/L Meta-tartaric acid.

Storage: store it in a cool (5°-15°C) and dry place. Carefully reseal open packages. Shelf life of integral product is 18 months.