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Mastervin® Compact 20 kg

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The bentonite in Mastervin® Compact is sourced from the Mediterranean region. After activation, it is granulated with a process that reduces the time required for rehydration, ensuring maximum efficacy of the product. The size of the granules are optimized to allow smooth absorption of water, without causing insoluble mass formation.


From 20 – 60 g/hL for clarifications of must and wines

From 5 – 80 g/hL for clarification of white and red wines

From 50 – 150 g/hL for clarifications of must and vinegars

In order to determine the optimal dose of use ensures the wine protein stability and clarifying effect desired, it is recommended to perform appropriate laboratory tests: we suggest the PROTEOTEST for verification of protein stability and MasterMind QFT for testing the filterability index.


Keep in a cool, dry well-ventilated area. Opened bag: carefully reseal and store as indicated above.