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Flottogel® DA 25 kg

Pure animal gelatine for use in flotation. Crystalline powder. 100 Bloom. Does not contain preservatives.


Flottogel® The first enological adjuvant selected through the evaluation of the surface electrical charge.

FLOTTOGEL® has been applied successfully in clarification via flotation of grape must and fruit juices. The raw materials used in its manufacturing guarantee the formation of a hydrophobic floccule, able to adhere easily to the gas used in the processes of separation through flotation.

FLOTTOGEL® is furthermore characterized by superior clarifying but a limited tannin-removing capacity. It is therefore recommended for low-tannin wines that need clarification to make them brilliant or to improve their filterability while not affecting their structure and color.


  • 2-10 g/hL must

See Product Specifications tab for flotation reference material. Consult the TECH INFO sheet for detailed application information.

Product discontinued – available while supplies last.