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Filtrox FibraFix®AF-21H Filter Sheets 40x40cm


FibraFix® depth filter sheets represent an approved and established filtration technology for solid liquid separation. The three dimensional medium assures superior retention capacity for solid particles at a high flow rate.

The dirt holding capacity of a FibraFix® depth filter sheet can be up to 4 kg per m². In the filtration process, solid particles are slowed down and eventually retained by the tortuous path inside the filter sheet and by electrokinetical interactions (“zeta potential”). Through this unique mechanism, a high capacity (long lifetime of filter until plugging) can be achieved.

All materials are food grade and FDA approved.

Depth filter sheets are used in a plate and frame filter, such as the Filtrox NoVOX® series. The sheets need to be wetted when the filters are loaded and in beverage applications they need to be pre-flushed with 50 L/m². A pressure difference between in and outlet assures constant flow. The sheets are exhausted when the differential pressure exceeds a certain value (1.0 – 2.5 bar, depending on porosity and application). The sheets can be sterilized with hot water (85°C) or inline steam (125°C).

Filtrox FibraFix® AF-21H:

15-6.0μ retention rate
40x40cm sheets
100 sheets/box

~best replacement for Ertel M10
*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations