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Zimaskin® 1 kg

Liquid pectinase for white grape maceration. SPECIAL ORDER ITEM.


Zimaskin® Liquid Pectinase for flavor and aroma extraction in white grape and cider apple maceration.

This is a pectolytic enzyme in liquid form with limited poly-galacturonase action, plus cellulase and hemicellulase activity. This enzyme accelerates the extraction of aromatic precursors and improves clarification and filtration of white musts. ZIMASKIN is recommended for white wine production processes using cold maceration and skin maceration techniques. The cellulase and hemicellulase activity helps break down grape skin walls. This enzyme causes a faster extraction of the aromatic precursors and substances found in fruit skins, resulting in a reduction of required contact time between must and solids. ZIMASKIN improves clarification, centrifuge action and filtration.


Dilute Zimaskin 1:10 parts in water, add at the crusher making sure it is mixed thoroughly. Leave Zimaskin in contact with the must for the duration of maceration. Tolerant to normal levels of SO2. Optimal temperature range is 10°-30°C. Higher temperatures increase speed. For each increase by 10°C, the enzymatic action doubles in speed.


  • 1 to 5 g/hL must

Storage: Cool, dry cellar temperatures. Close opened bottles securely.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM – please contact us for lead time