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Zimarom® 100 g

Clarification of aromatic musts.


Zimarom® Liberation of glucose bound aroma compounds in finished wine and cider.

ZIMAROM® is a beta-glycosidase enzyme which aids in the development of the grape varieties’ full aromatic expression. The glycosidase activity liberates glycosidically conjugated monoterpenols and norisoprenoids in finished wines and ciders, utilizing all four glycosidase enzyme activities, but does NOT contain cinnamyl esterase or anthocyanase compounds. This results in wines with more varietal expression, particularly in varieties with higher terpene concentrations.


Dilute Zimarom 1:10 parts in water, add to must at the end of fermentation, mix thoroughly. Optimal temperature range is 10°-30°C. Higher temperatures increase speed. Not affected by normal SO2 levels, Zimarom is inhibited by the presence of glucose. If you are using Zimarom in musts prior to complete fermentation, use higher addition rates.


  • 1 to 3 g/hL must at the end of fermentation


Cool, dry cellar temperatures. Close opened bottles securely.