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Vitamix+™ (plus) 1 kg


Vitamins make yeasts healthier, promote survival, help avoid stuck ferments, and are useful in preventing sulfides. Nitrogen-deficient musts produce H2S because of interruption in amino acid synthesis, but current research indicates that even in the presence of adequate nitrogen sources, deficiencies in other key elements can result in production of more offensive sulfide compounds. 

Testing vitamins in juice is quite expensive and takes weeks, so adding a vitamin blend can be good “insurance.”
What’s the difference between Vitamix and Vitamix+™?
Vitamix is pure vitamins for yeast.
Vitamix+™ has the same vitamins as Vitamix, but in a nutritive base. 
Which should you add?
Vitamix+™ is best for higher-risk or difficult musts because of its extra yeast hulls for yeast growth and fermentation. Vitamix is the choice if you want vitamins only.