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V Tan® UVA SG 25 kg

Harvest use. Color stability, reduces oxydation. Contains no Quebracho.


V Tan® UVA SG Harvest blend of ellagic, gallic and catechinic tannins for color stability prevention of oxidation

Specifically blended by Enologica Vason for BSG Wine and the US market, this harvest tannin blend has excellent technical abilities with regards to oxidation prevention, color stabilization and deproteinization. Notably, this tannin contains NO QUEBRACHO which is often used as a cheap source of catechins (often requiring removal by fining later), rather we have integrated premium grape skin derived tannins, providing enhanced functional attributes while contributing richness and body to the mouthfeel. 


Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in 1:10 parts warm water and add directly to wine. Do not use metal implements or water high in limestone. Proper oxygenation is recommended for optimal color stabilization.


  • 10-30 g/hL red
  • 3-8 g/hL rosé