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V CMC L – 25 kg


V CMC L: Carboxymethyl cellulose to inhibit tartrate precipitation – ready-to-use liquid solution

V CMC L is a liquid preparation of carboxymethyl cellulose which ensures effective tartrate stabilization in wines, without the requirement of cold stabilizing using extended periods of refrigeration or seeding.

V CMC L can be considered as a protective colloid; it should be used on protein-stable wines at least 48 hours before bottling, and is best not to use it before or in conjunction with clarification treatments or with adsorbent materials. Unlike metatartaric acid, V CMC L does not degrade with temperature and, in a stable colloidal system, will not lose efficacy over time. Due to the higher purity of this product it will remain in the wine following final filtration (0.45 micron). 

Usage rate: 40 – 80 g/hL, based on lab evaluation of the tartaric stability of the wine to be treated. 

Directions: Add V CMC L to a quantity of wine at least two times the volume of the V CMC L dose, then add to wine and mix thoroughly. Allow to stand for at least 48 hours before proceeding to final filtration; it’s recommended to conduct a filterability index test prior to final filtration. 

NOTE: It is recommended to evaluate tartaric stability before the use of V CMC.