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V Activ Malostab DA 500 g


Specific adsorbent product, ideal to promote the malolactic fermentation.

Result of the most advanced research, V ACTIV MALOSTAB is a preparation suitable for specifically removing the substances that are toxic for the bacteria, as excessive polyphenols and medium-long chain fatty acids.

Its particular formula, based in specific adsorbents, chosen among the best yeast’s hulls and PVPPs, represent the more adapt solution to prevent difficulties that might show up during the management of a malolactic fermentation.

The P.V.P.P. selected by Enologica Vason for V ACTIV MALOSTAB formulation, is characterized by a high and specific capacity of adsorption of the phenolic substances recognized as active against bacteria.

Optimal Temperature Range: 5-15C°

Technical Data Sheet – V Activ Malostab