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Premium® Vinacciolo SG 500 g

Granular tannin from grape seeds.


Premium® Vinacciolo SG Maturation and blending – High reactivity towards proteins and color molecules, improves structure.

Premium® Vinacciolo SG is derived from well ripened grape seeds providing structural catechinic and procyanidinic phenolics, without the bitter astringency associated with unripe seeds. This tannin provides a protective functionality against polyphenoloxidases and oxidation during wine processing, and greater longevity during ageing. Wines treated with Premium Vinacciolo are typically fresher, more structural and full bodied.


Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in water and add directly to wine. Allow minimum of 10 days before filtration


  • 5-10 g/hL red
  • 1-5 g/hL white
  • 3-5 g/hL rosé