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Premium Limousin Special SG® 500 g

Increase aromatic complexity, color stability, body & mouthfeel.


Premium Limousin Special SG® Maturation and Finishing tannin – Increase aromatic complexity, color stability, body and mouthfeel

This tannin is extracted from oak from the Limousin region of France using a water/alcohol extraction method that simulates that which occurs in barrel ageing. Subsequent toasting treatment causes the formation of aroma compounds similar to those formed during the heat treatment of barrels, with a noticeable vanilla character. This tannin also imparts greater aromatic complexity and a fuller body to the wines treated. Aroma profile: Fresh, reminiscent of lightly toasted French oak, honeyed, sweet, vanilla and nutmeg.


Used in red and white wines and other beverages before final filtration. In order to avoid tannin-protein precipitation, check the protein stability of the wine prior to use. Do not use with wines that are not protein stable. Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in hot water and add directly to wine. Allow minimum of 10 days before filtration. 


  • 1-15 g/hL red
  • 1-5 g/hL white
  • 10-40 g/hL vinegar
  • 5-40 g/hL distilled