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Premium® Color SG 500 g

Blend of ellagic tannins. Extract & stabilizes color. Use 5-20 g/hL


Premium® Color SG

Maceration and post press – Stabilization of color in red wines where color retention has been problematic or in wines from flash détente.

Premium® Color is a blend of ellagic, gallic, catechinic and procyanidic tannins designed to enhance color extraction and retain color structure over time without undue olfactory impact with respect to flavor, aroma or astringency. It is used at the beginning of maceration and during the initial racking’s post press. Where flash détente has been utilized this retains a higher proportion of the extracted anthocyanin’s.


Thoroughly dissolve desired addition in 1:10 parts warm water and add directly to wine. Do not use metal implements or water high in limestone. Proper oxygenation is recommended for optimal color stabilization.

Pack Size:  500 g


  • 10-20 g/hL at maceration
  • 5-10 g/hL at racking