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Pinnacle ™ Fructo Select 500g



Fructo Select is a strong fermenter with a high capacity to add structure to high alcohol potential wines in the range of 16-18% (v/v). Fructo Select is best suited for varietal winemaking in red grape varietals such as Zinfandel and Shiraz/ Syrah. This yeast is best suited to the production of high alcohol red wines when there is a desire to minimize volatile acidity and store the wine for a long time.

Fermentation characteristics

  • Fructo Select has a short lag phase with a rapid fermentation speed at temperatures of 16-32°C (61-90°F).
  • Alcohol tolerance of this yeast is very high and one of the rare wine yeast strains that can reach up to 18% v/v.
  • In very high sugar juices with >16% v/v alcohol potential, we do recommend the addition of a complex nutrient to ensure the actively fermenting yeast does have enough nutritional supplements to complete the fermentation.
  • Fructo Select is a low foaming yeast.

Nitrogen requirements

Fructo Select is considered a low to medium nitrogen consumer, hence only the standard additions of nitrogen to build yeast biomass in the first days of fermentation are required. It is recommended however in high alcohol potential wines of >16% v/v to add a nutritional supplement to ensure the fermentation is completed without becoming stuck or sluggish.