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Pinnacle ™ Ferm MP 15 kg



Pinnacle™ Ferm MP is an organic (ammonium salt-free) yeast derivate:

  • Slow release of amino acids regulates fermentation and gives a fresher aromatic profile (floral).
  • The lysis of yeast cell walls releases mannoproteins. High molecular weight mannoproteins interact with polyphenols and form stable soluble complexes which preserve color and increase mouthfeel.
  • Pinnacle Ferm MP provides mouthfeel, color stabilisation and nutrition at the same time.


Pinnacle Ferm MP is a great tool for all red wines to:

  • Stabilize the color
  • Round green/harsh tannins
  • Integrate the structure of full bodied red wines.

Pinnacle Ferm MP does not interfere with the varietal aromatic expression of the wine and provides a brighter red color.

Pinnacle Ferm MP is ideal for high quality wine to be aged in wood, or to shorten the wine aging step (e.g. early bottled wines or large volumes in bulk).


Yeast autolysate*, yeast* cell walls

(*Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Instructions for use:

Pinnacle Ferm MP does not require any rehydration. Its granulated form allows a direct addition into the must. Add Pinnacle Ferm MP at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation directly into the vessel.

A higher dose* is required for wines with more structure and higher concentrations in polyphenols. (*Second addition during pump-over or devatting step).


25-40 g/hL.

Maximum dosage allowed by EU:

40 g/hL.

Storage conditions:

Store the product in a fresh, dry, well ventilated room.

Shelf life:

Three years from date of manufacture.


1kg and 15kg bags.