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Pathfinder TY Fruit 1 KG


Pathfinder TY Fruit is an active dried wine yeast and nutrient formulation combined for use with fruit or sugar fermentation systems. Used to make cider, ginger ale, hard sodas and fortified wine. The finest fruit fermenter.

Recommended Usage Rate:

4.0 g/L (0.53 oz/US Gal) for fermentation to 14 % ABV

6.0 g/L (0.8 oz/US Gal) for fermentation to 18 % ABV

Optimum Liquid Fermentation Temperatures:

TY-Fruit can tolerate liquid fermentation temperatures up to 35C, but alcohol tolerance is significantly reduced above 26C.
For optimum performance and quality it is recommended to ferment at 18-24C (64-75F). Note that TY-Fruit does not require rehydration to activate the yeast and does not have any specific oxygenation requirements.

Based on recommended pitch rates, complete fermentation up to 18 % ABV is expected in around 7-10 days at 18-24C (64-75F) or 5-8 days for up to 14 %ABV. If necessary, pitch rate can be optimized through trials to suit the particular requirements of the user. Note that TY-Fruit is not suitable for propagation or post-fermentation recovery for re-use.