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Pathfinder N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient 1 kg


Description and Function

Pathfinder N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient provides all essential nutrients required by yeast for production of hard seltzer bases fermented from refined sugars such as glucose, dextrose, sucrose, and invert sugar syrup. N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient can be used to ferment across a wide range of alcohol levels.

Unlike malt and grain substrates which are nutritionally rich, refined sugar substrates are completely devoid of essential yeast nutrients, which makes use of supplements essential for fermentation. N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient includes a high level of assimilable nitrogen from a urea-free source, along with phosphate, magnesium, B-vitamins, and other essential micronutrients including zinc and calcium. N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient contains only chemically defined ingredients and does not contain any unrefined nutrient sources, such as inactive yeast, which can negatively impact the flavor and aroma of fermented hard seltzer bases. When used in conjunction with an appropriate yeast strain, N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient will help ensure reliable and complete fermentation of a seltzer base with a clean neutral fermentation profile (note that organoleptic properties of the fermented base will also depend on the quality and type of yeast used).

Dosage and Application

If fermentation vessel has mixing facility, N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient can be dosed directly into the fermentation media at the appropriate dosage. The dosage should be adjusted according to the target % ABV, with suggested guide dosages provided. If the fermentation vessel does not have mixing facility, N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient can be pre-dissolved in 10x weight of warm water at 30-40˚C using the dosage information provided.

Suggested dosages for N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient:

Target ABV%5%8%10%12%14%
N-Pure Seltzer Nutrient Dosage1.5 g/L2.0 g/L2.4 g/L2.9 g/L3.2 g/L

It is strongly recommended that sufficient trials are undertaken using this product prior to use in a finished ready to drink product. Dosages can be optimized according to your specific product and process as required.