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NA Medium Plus AO 20L

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Premium enological tannin derived from American oak.


High quality tannins derived from naturally seasoned American Oak (Quercus alba) heartwood. Use to impart vanilla and citrus oak character, and to provide antioxidative protection for red, rosé, and white wines.


  •       Adds sweetness plus vanilla aromatics and flavor
  •       Protects against oxidation and preserves freshness
  •       Aids in color stabilization
  •       Helps reduce the impact of reductive characters in wine


Vanilla, citrus, and spicy; fresh acidity and medium-long mouthfeel.

Suggested Dosage Rate

100-200mL/hL, or 1-2 gallons/1000G

Lab and commercial trials are recommended to determine optimal dosage rates.

Packaging and Storage

Store at cool cellar temperatures. Shelf life is 3 years unopened, and 1 year if opened. Shelf life can be extended on opened containers to 2 years by keeping it stored under 55°F.