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MPA – Mannoprotein 500 g

Granular selection of mannoproteins


MPA – Mannoprotein: Granular selection of mannoproteins

Infers the sensory affect of barrel aging, without the oak aroma or flavor influence. Improves palate roundness and softens mouth feel with an ability to harmonize unintegrated tannins, smoothing out any rough peaks. MPA works especially well in synergy with finishing tannins. MPA can also provide tartrate stabilization in wines with marginal instability (for best effect on stability use V CMC).


  • White wines use 1-3 g/hL
  • Red wines use 3-10 g/hL

Directions: Dissolve MPA in at least 20 parts water (recommended ration 1:50), then add it to the wine while carefully mixing.