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Leucofood™ 1 kg

Supports ML fermentations. Use with any bacteria.


This rich mixture of primary-grown yeast extract, casein digests, and vitamins helps ML bacteria grow and survive. Helpful for ANY bacterial strain in ANY situation, Leucofood can be essential when fermenting with yeast strains that hoard nutrients or have high nitrogen requirements, depleting grape nutrients more thoroughly.

Unlike yeasts, ML bacteria cannot store nutrients, and they cannot synthesize all the amino acids they need so they must find them in the wine. Nutrient depletion is frequently the cause when MLF begins but does not finish.

Blended especially for Oenococcus oeni (formerly Leuconostoc oenos), Leucofood is NOT the same as yeast nutrients. Leucofood has no DAP because ML bacteria cannot use inorganic nitrogen.

Dose: 4-5 g/hL (0.15-0.2 g/Gallon)