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Kerry Natural Vanilla Flavoring – 1 gal


Kerry natural vanilla flavoring (with other natural flavors) delivers exceptional aroma and flavor at an affordable price point. With the cost of vanilla beans rising, natural vanilla flavor is a cost-effective way to maintain both the margin and quality of your vanilla brews.

One gallon of natural vanilla flavor can dose up to 50 bbls of fermented beer. Look for sensory notes of creamy/custardy, toasted marshmallow, maple, and rum.

Pack size: 1 gallon

Usage:Add after fermentation, when dosage level can be assessed against the flavor of the nearly-finished beverage.

Suggested dosage rate: 0.6 – 0.9 ml/L (2.4 – 3.6 fl oz/bbl, or 1 gallon in 33-50 bbl).

We recommend performing trials using different dosage rate in samples to determine the optimal dosage rate for your beverage.


Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet