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FPS Enological Carbon 20 kg

Specific phenolic adsorbent. Powdered enological carbon.


FPS Carbon: For removal of aromatic taints and unstable pigments.

FPS Carbon is a very useful vegetable based enological carbon. Its selective properties make it especially attracted to phenol based aromatic compounds in particular ethyl phenol and ethyl guaiacol thus making it useful for managing both smoke and Brettanomyces/Dekkera taints. For color removal, FPS is specific to unstable oxidizable pigments responsible for browning. In stuck ferments FPS can help remove some long chain (octanic and decanoic) fatty acids produced by yeast which can inhibit fermentation.


  • Variable up to 100 g/hL
  • Do trials

Directions: Dissolve FPS in little water, agitating it for several hours.