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Extrared L 1 kg

Liquid pectinase for red color extraction and stability of tannin complexes. Add to cap. Use 1-4 g/hL must Also available in 25kg totes. Inquire for pricing.


Extrared L (Liquid): Color Extraction, Stable Tannin Complexes

EXTRARED L is a combination of pectolytic enzymes with various secondary enzymatic activities including hemicellulase, cellulase, and proteolyase, specific for extraction and stabilization of colored compounds. When used in conjunction with Zimared Plus using fractionated enzyme additions (see the technical guide) provides maximum expression of the grape derived phenolics.

Directions: Several hours prior to pressing, add Extrared L to the cap and let it saturate the cap. Do not use where green seeds are present.

See Product Specifications tab for more technical reference material.

Storage: Cool, dry cellar temperatures.