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Clarito® Bactoclean 0.5 kg


Clarito® Bactoclean is a clarifying fining agent, active against undesired micro-organisms, with a high stabilizing activity towards phenolic elements.

It contains PVPP, chitosan and the finest fish gelatin, so if used as clarifying agent in wine and beer, according to current European legislation, it’s considered non-allergenic.  

Suitable for white, rosè and sparkling wines; if dosed properly, helps to keep chromatic and olfactory elements. Good effect also against Brettanomyces.

Directions for use
Dissolve 1 part Clarito® Bactoclean in 10 parts warm water, then add to wine to be treated and mix carefully to homogenize.

Usage rate
5 to 10 g/hL

Warning: approximately 25 g/hL of product releases 10 g/hL of chitosan and 12.5 g/hL of PVPP